Space to ride

Don’t spend your time riding around in Circles. With 3 arenas and 2 jumping courses, Oakville has the facilities to produce serious competition riders and pleasure riders alike.

Jumping Arena

We have plenty of top level jumping facilities to prepare both horse and rider for the competition ring.


Leave the worries of transport to us. With our 2 trucks and friendly staff you will be able to enjoy turning up at the show to find your horse already waiting for you.


Oakville Equestrian Centre is a centre of riding excellence.

Animal welfare is paramount. All school horses and privately owned equine animals in our agistment or lease program are carefully monitored, fed and exercised to meet the individual needs of the animal and to ensure good health, wellbeing and competitive fitness levels.

Our dedicated stable manager and stable team care for the daily needs of privately owned horses arranging shoeing, worming, feeding, lunging, rugging, daily turn out, saddling and grooming, stable cleaning and provision of fresh shavings. All stables have automatic water troughs. We operate two equine trucks to safely and securely transport privately owned Oakville horses (with their tack) to local, regional and national competitions, making the transportation process easy and cost effective.

x covered stables x enclosed stables x grazing paddocks x dirt paddocks

x privately owned competition level horses fully agisted and coached at Oakville

x part leased horses are agisted at Oakville for competitors working towards owning their own horse

x Oakville Equestrian Centre school horses for beginner and (non-competitive) intermediate riders

Become part of the winning equestrian team at Oakville Equestrian Centre !!

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